Frequent Questions

Welcome to the selection of frequently asked questions!

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Now, I see that you are someone very curious..  Let’s clear the doubts!


– What happened to the premium videos?: About that.. I thought it would be easier than it was in the end, therefore it is a project that is postponed until later with an indefinite date, it will eventually happen but I can no longer give a specific date, sorry.

-Why are you doing comissions again?: I have free time once again :3

– Why does the page sometimes close the request for orders for so many days?: Well.. on occasions the number of orders exceeds the human capacity with which they can be realized, this is why I have to close them, to fulfill the period of 1-3 days, if we don’t do this… We would have orders that would be delivered in approximately 20 days .. and nobody wants that D:

Do you have experience doing this type of content?: Yes, I have definitely done it before, also all the videos that I have uploaded on my official xvideos channel / pornhub channel and joi-database are 100% made by us, so if you liked it, it is extremely likely that you will also love the ones you order.

I have made a total of: 597 custom orders to date: 26/05/24  –  26 May 2024.

(I manually update this daily, so it’s really reliable)

– Can I ask for a longer or more difficult video than those available?: No, sorry

– What does Lvl 0 – Lvl 4 Means?:

Lvl 0: Affectionate treatment, without any kind of humiliation.
Lvl 1: Comprehensive treatment but starting to get strict.
Lvl 2: Here the character starts to get angry.
Lvl 3: Really angry, although sometimes you are considered a person.
Lvl 4: Brutal treatment, you are not even considered human.. you are literally trash.

–  How do I know this is real and you won’t take my money without doing my order? ¬¬”:

I understand that this may concern some people, but I will explain it to you in a simple way.. my reputation is at stake! my social networks are available to everyone and the comments of my work are open to the public, believe me, negative fame does NOT suit me, also.. if you are satisfied with your first order, you probably want to order another one.. Do you really think that I would dismiss the opportunity to make a double order (or even some more) just to keep your first payment?..

I won’t, I’m not stupid D:

Also.. if you need some proves that I actually have made 350+ videos, check some images of my folder on MEGA (some of this videos are pending to be published soon, other are private)


– What are your limits when making the videos?: This question should be for you, my limits are what you decide to set when choosing the difficulty or the specifications when ordering.

– Are you going to publish the video that I commissioned you on the xVideos channel?: It all depends on you, when ordering there is an option in which you decide this, although.. if you chose to make It public and you selected the  “character refer to you with your name”, I will edit the video and make it general for all audiences.

– How is the process of delivering the video once it is finished?:  It is quite simple, at the time of filling you put an email, at the moment I finish you will receive an email from me giving you a MEGA link that only you will have, there you can download it in any service you use, (PC , Cell phone) or even watch it online!.

Do not worry, I will not delete the link never, but i still recommend saving it somewhere. 😛

– What genre do you make the videos from?: as the header of my website indicates: Gay, Straight Femdom, Straight Gentle, Sissy domination, even F U R R Y.

My mind is very open to all possibilities, so just let your creativity fly.

– What is the quality of your videos ?: Regarding the quality, literally.. they go from 420p to 1080p + 60 fps depending on the price, now.. if we talk about quality in terms of content, I strictly abide by certain rules of quality which include not putting photos / gifs / videos of low quality, both bad drawing and poor and blurred quality, censored (unless it is indicated by you) nor do I use images that are very out of the context of the video, I try to make it as immersive as possible, with totally specific scenes and having a continuity.


If you have any other questions you can confidently send me an email to my email [email protected].

 I will gladly answer any of your questions as quickly as possible!

Have a nice day :3