How To Order Custom JOI (OPEN NOW! – YES I’M BACK)

Tired of IMPOSSIBLE JOI’S that you just can’t do? (asking for things that you don’t have, they go too far or they are very soft, they use characters that you do not like visually, not your kind.. etc)..

Yeah, the internet JOIS are good, but.. they are very general and your experience may not be the one you are looking for.. that’s the reason was created!, here you can buy for a low price your own JOI personalized experience, here some of the features that include our custom videos and why you should buy it:


You tell us the character and we do the rest!

(Optional: the character is going to refer to you with your name!. pretty immersive!)

  • The minimum duration of all the videos is 10 minutes, and the maximum is 45 minutes, so of course at a higher price, longer duration and characteristics.

  • Sissy Training, Straight Femdom, Straight Relationship, Gay, Trap/Futa.. we work with all kinds of genres for all kind of audiences.. \’o’/
  • You can easily order from your cell phone.
  • Normally people have trouble completing the joi / cei but if you pay it is almost a commitment to finish seeing it completely, it is an incentive!
  • With each purchase you contribute with our work, making possible the creation of more and new free – premium content! 

For more detais, please check the Frequent Questions section.


>> NEW Prices February 2024 <<

Wait.. first.. Is the web active right now? = Yes, it is! at: 15/02/2024 <- 

Videos may take 1 to 7 days to be sent to your e-mail (depends on the demand!)

Paying the paypal fee is really appreciated appreciated but not required! :3

¿So.. how to buy it?

Just fill out the form that is below this page with the specifications you want.

We receive payments only from PayPal, at the bottom of this page you can find a simple form that you will have to fill out.

Once this is done you will receive an message to the email you have put in the form, (so please make sure it is correct) in which you will have payment instructions and the payment link from

This email can take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, so don’t despair if it doesn’t come right away!

–> PLEASE -> Check the “Promotions” or “Spam” window sometimes it sends there. <–

“Click show quoted text (—) if the email does not appear complete”

If there is a problem or you have doubts about the purchase process, you are free to send me an email to: [email protected] we will gladly answer your questions.


    Price Of The Video: 50 USD60 USD75 USD+

    (Please only select the "+" option if we have already agreed prices by email previously!)

    The character (FROM ANIME, not you) will be: WomanFutanariManFurry Male (Specify if Anthro or Feral)Furry Female (Specify if Anthro or Feral)Furry Futa (Specify if Anthro or Feral)

    The treatment that character gives you is: FemdomCoupleSissy TrainingGay DominationOther (Specify below )

    JOI or CEI? (JOI: Only Jerk Off Instructions) (CEI: JOI + Cum Eating Instructions): JOIJOI + CEIDenial (No cum)Surprise Me

    Should a DILDO (or something similar to a dildo that you have) be used in the video?: YesNo

    Should the character refer to you by your name? YesNo

    Should I Add 3D Images? (in case they exist): Yes, SomeYes, A LOT!No, none

    Level of difficulty / (Level of humiliation and difficulty doing tasks): 0 Super Easy (Only instructions to masturbate)1 Easy2 Medium3 Hard4 Hardcore

    Do you want your video to be uploaded on my xVideos channel? (make someone like you happy.. uwu): YesNo

    You want CBT on the video?:

    You want Nipple Play on the video?:

    How much do you want the story to be involved in the video?:

    Do you want to have your own voice during the video?:


    Enjoy one of the best cum of your life. :3